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Helping to Create Edible Yards in Blaine, Washington

Mission: To provide city wide enhancement and beautification on a multitude of levels by

planting food bearing trees, bushes and vines that offer food to residents of Blaine;

local wildlife food and shelter; soil enhancement and water retention.


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Unless noted, all workshops are FREE!                NOW with TWO Locations

Blaine Library in Blaine. Link                      Blaine Sr/Community Center Link

MASON BEES for Sale $20 for 35 cocoons and nesting tubes (email to CORE)

GARDEN DESIGN 101 -  THURSDAYS from 4-6pm, "RE-DO" of Class 1 @3pm on Feb 22

2/22 Thurs.    Sr/Community Center   Class 1 of 4       Looking at Your Lot, All the Details - 3-4pm                 In this first of four classes, we will be talking about identifying the components or your property. Including lot lines, easements, utilities, hardscapes and structures. Creating a wish list of improvements desired and how to start looking at your lot in an organized manner. THIS portion of the presentation is a re-do of the class from last week due to a misprint on the time the class started.

2/22 Thurs.  Sr/Community Center    Class 2 of 4       Design Considerations, integrating with your House   In this second class of the series we will explore the most powerful tool in the Landscape Designers toolkit the integration of the exterior of your house with the interior and it's importance to liveability. We will delve into organizing the improvements that you will be making, organizing those as well as budgeting.

2/29 Thurs   Sr/Community Center   Class 3 of 4       The Process & Decisons of Hardscapes/Structures   In this 3rd workshop, we will begin to address the execution of your plan and the choices for plants - size, structure, growing requirements, addition of food bearing plants, etc.

3/7  Thurs.   Sr/Community Center   Class 4 of 4, Paul & Diane Berg - Principles of Art in the Garden   In the final class we will add the artistic view which will make your final design a masterpiece of art! We like to refer to this class as "painting with plants". Just as an artist understands the "balance" of a painting and uses texture, color, reptition, unity, etc. to bring their composition to life - you can use these exact same principles to "execute" the decisions for what plants to use in your landscape design.

We will discuss how to look at your yard as if you were a landscape designer. Especially important for placement of fruit bearing trees, bushes and vines. Considerations for placement of vegetable gardens. In this presentation, we will talk about your overall yard including hardscape assessments, materials use, integration with your home and/or views, sunlight observations, air flow and other major landscaping decisions. Some overlap for each class will naturally occur.

HEARING AIDs without Loosing an Arm & a Leg  (Heino)                                                                            Feb. 21, Wed.    Sr/Community Center    5-7pm                                                 This program is for people who have determined with their doctor’s input that their hearing loss is "normal" and not due to an illness, infection, or repairable defect. Learn about the different types of hearing aids, pricing, where and how to buy them, hearing aid maintenance, how to test your hearing, and other useful tips. Presented by local hearing aid user Heino Sunter, who will share his experiences and advice.  Not intended to sell you product or replace a medical assessment for your hearing loss.

SEED STARTING & Sprouting                                                                                                                           Feb. 24, Sat.       Sr/Community Center   9am-11am                                            How many seeds? What type? When to start? When to transplant? So many questions?? We can help get you started on the answers! Talk will focus on plants that can be grown in our climate. Tips and tricks.

WINTER GARDENING, SPROUTING                                                                                                           Feb. 28, Wed     Blaine Library                     5-7pm                                                 We will start with “how to get that craving for greens satisfied” by growing sprouts!! Moving on to simple hoop house construction and what can you grow with passive protection and get a jump on the growing season. What plants that can be “wintered over” in your garden/hoop house.

EASY, SQUEEZY - GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE Cooking, Tips and Tricks  (Heino)                                            March 2, Sat        Blaine Library                    10am-12noon

Discover cooking tips and tricks using alternative products to make gluten-free/dairy-free cooking easy and fun. Learn how to cook favorites like Alfredo, soups including "cream"- based chowders, stews, dips, dressings, and more. Pick up ideas for one-pot dishes, breakfast, and repurposed leftovers. Presenter Heino Sunter will provide a live demo preparing a gluten free and dairy free clam/seafood chowder.  Please note: this class does not cover cooking with other allergens, organic, GMO, vegan, or low fat


April 3 - SAUERKRAUT & Fermented Veggies - Homemade & Delicious -

April 6 - Pruning - Sr/Community Center This is the perfect time to start pruning. Trees are breaking hibernation earlier (or not even going into deep hibernation), so take advantage of some of our sunny winter days and brush up on those pruning skills. We will discuss tools, why prune, decisions necessary (learning to understand growth habits of trees/bushes).   There will be a hands on Pruning Workshop on immediately following this class. Guest instructorer, Steven Gaber from NW Fruit Rescue will be leading this workshop - We will be demonstrating how to "severe prune" a neglected fruit tree to get it back into production and maintain it at an appropriate height for ease of management.

to see entire class schedule, you can download the complete Calendar and/or Wokshop Schedule with descriptions (see links at top of this page).

SEEDS - Bring some of your leftover seeds from last year (or older) to swap with fellow Gardeners at one of our CORE workshops. We will have a limited quantity of Painted Mountain Corn to share. Donated by the Children's Giving Garden at Christ Episcopal Church.


Looking for a Gardening/Social group east of Blaine? Check out the Lynden Gardeners & Social Group on Facebook. This is a private group and you will have to ask to "join", but Mary Lou Childs (who established the group) is also able to give you info about the group (if you don't have Facebook). Please email her. Regular meetings occur on the 2nd Sat. of each month, except in the summer.

FREE Arborist Chips (truckload sized delivery, 10 yards -maybe find a neighborhood "central spot" and get a shared delivery) - link

Native Plant Descriptions (pdf) -  nicely done from King County  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -- - - - - - -  REMEMBER - LOCAL publications are a great source of up-to-date information on classes all over our NW region as well as businesses that support our passion! Pick up a copy today or check their websites -

Cascadia Weekly            Northern Light

Spring PLANT SALES !!  (click on links provided to get dates for 2024 )
March  - Whatcom Conservation Dist. Plant Sale -  Pioneer Park, Ferndale
March  - 34nd Annual Fairhaven Plant & Tree Sale - Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 14th
April  - Whatcom Dahlia Society Tuber Sale - Bloedel Donovan Park
April - Birchwood Garden Club Sale, lower level of Bellingham Library
May - Washington Native Plant Society-Salal Chapter’s 16th Annual Plant Sale
     Mt. Vernon, WSU, NW Research Station, 16650 State Highway 536 
May - Master Gardeners Annual Plant Sale at Hovander Park
SEEDS, SEEDS and More SEEDS - Check out Resilient Seeds - locally researched and produced - definitely suited for our climate. Seed sales currently closed for 2023 season.


If you would like us to come and speak at a community activity or event to help inform your participants about the CORE project, please contact us.

We have had several community meetings to introduce the CORE project. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to help with our mission and goals, please do not hesitate to contact us -  or call  360-332-7435 (leave message)

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