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RESERVE  Plot/Raised Bed in the 7th St. Community Garden! LINK

Helping to Create Edible Yards in Blaine, Washington

Mission: To provide city wide enhancement and beautification on a multitude of levels by

planting food bearing trees, bushes and vines that offer food to residents of Blaine;

local wildlife food and shelter; soil enhancement and water retention.


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Unless noted, all workshops are FREE!                NOW with TWO Locations

Blaine Library in Blaine. Link                      Blaine Sr/Community Center Link

MASON BEES for Sale $20 for 40 +/- cocoons and nesting tubes (email)

BookWorm Bins for Sale, benefit the Friends of the Blaine Library - link for more info

KOMBUCHA & Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar                                                                                   April 17, Wed Sr/Community Center    5-7pm
Known as "The Elixir of Life", Kombucha origins remain shrouded in mystery. Some drink it for health, some for flavor. If you have never tried it, come for a sample! We invite you to get in touch with your inner "Ghengis" by learning about this interesting elixir at this fun, informative presentation. We will be sampling different flavors, demonstrating how to make your own AND sending you home with your own culture (SCOBY) to start brewing. 

AIR TOOLS - The Great Equalizer   (Kelle & Heino)                                                                                                April 20, Sat. - Sr/Community Center      9-11am     Everyone is welcome to an air tool multi-media and live demo presentation. Air Tools can make hard work easy enough for ANYONE to accomplish. You don't have to be a big burly guy to use air tools, my wife loves her air hammer! Air tools can fasten, disassemble, cut, grind, chisel, blow, paint and more without the operator having to break a sweat! With a 9# air tool (about the weight of a gallon of milk) you can frame an entire house. A 5# tool can take the tires off of your car and then proceed to take the rest of the car apart if you want. Using a 3# air tool one can build fine furniture, cabinetry or install trim in a home. Expensive? NOT! Under $400 can get you the air compressor and the 3 tools described above to do most everything you will typically need! Join us and give it a try.

April 24, Wed   Blaine Sr/Community Center  5-7pm
Tips, tricks and finding the best deals. Answers to your ocean cruise ship/cruising questions. A media presentation
with handouts.
Heino is a passionate cruiser who "shops hard" and has had multiple cruise experiences.   

DAHLIAS 101     April 27, Sat-  Sr/Community Center   9-11am                                                                                                 AND May 1, Wed        Blaine Library                5-7pm                                                                 Dahlias are considered to be the premier cut flower. Easy to grow, there are some definite tricks! With thousands of colors and flower forms and their long bloom time they are VERY rewarding!! Presentation includes expert dahlia growers, live demos and answering questions. Free tubers! To get your dahlia addiction started (LOL!)

SMOKING MEATS for BEGINNERS  (Heino)                                                                                                            April 27, Sat        Blaine Library                     10am-12noon                                                     It's easier and less expensive than you think! An operating meat smoker will be on display, with delicious smoked sausages to be sampled after the presentation. Topics covered will include smoking equipment; types, styles and pro's and con's. Discussion of different wood used for smoking meats as well as their preparation for the smoker. Tips, ideas and recipes will also be covered.

COMPOSTING & WORMS                                                                                                                                             May 4, Sat           Blaine Library                     10am-12noon                                     Do you dispose of organic matter in your regular garbage or down the garbage disposal? It's not a good thing for our landfills AND you are throwing away valuable soil building materials! Whether you have been thinking about a compost bin or becoming a Worm Wrangler, this workshop will get you started!!  We will cover the basics of food waste "recycling", how easy it is. Followed by managing worms, indoors and out! The upside - You will see huge benefits in your garden!

CONTAINER GARDENING         May 29, Wed     Blaine Library          5-7pm                                                                                             AND June 1, Sat          Sr/Community Center    9-11am                                           Join us for an "out of the ground and into the box" introduction to container gardening. If you think that you MUST have a plot of land or maybe mobility issues have slowed you down, we want to help you NOT give up on gardening!! We will start with the basics from choosing containers and the right plants to learning how to water them.

to see entire class schedule, you can download the complete Calendar and/or Workshop Schedule with descriptions (see links at top of this page).

SEEDS - Bring some of your leftover seeds from last year (or older) to swap with fellow Gardeners at one of our CORE workshops. We will have a limited quantity of Painted Mountain Corn to share. Donated by the Children's Giving Garden at Christ Episcopal Church.


Looking for a Gardening/Social group east of Blaine? Check out the Lynden Gardeners & Social Group on Facebook. This is a private group and you will have to ask to "join", but Mary Lou Childs (who established the group) is also able to give you info about the group (if you don't have Facebook). Please email her. Regular meetings occur on the 2nd Sat. of each month, except in the summer.

FREE Arborist Chips (truckload sized delivery, 10 yards -maybe find a neighborhood "central spot" and get a shared delivery) - link

Native Plant Descriptions (pdf) -  nicely done from King County  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -- - - - - - -  REMEMBER - LOCAL publications are a great source of up-to-date information on classes all over our NW region as well as businesses that support our passion! Pick up a copy today or check their websites -

Cascadia Weekly            Northern Light

Spring PLANT SALES !!  (click on links provided to get dates for 2024 )
March  - Whatcom Conservation Dist. Plant Sale -  Pioneer Park, Ferndale
March  - 34nd Annual Fairhaven Plant & Tree Sale - Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 14th
April  - Whatcom Dahlia Society Tuber Sale - Bloedel Donovan Park
April - Birchwood Garden Club Sale, lower level of Bellingham Library
May - Washington Native Plant Society-Salal Chapter’s 16th Annual Plant Sale
     Mt. Vernon, WSU, NW Research Station, 16650 State Highway 536 
May - Master Gardeners Annual Plant Sale at Hovander Park
SEEDS, SEEDS and More SEEDS - Check out Resilient Seeds - locally researched and produced - definitely suited for our climate. Seed sales currently closed for 2023 season.


If you would like us to come and speak at a community activity or event to help inform your participants about the CORE project, please contact us.

We have had several community meetings to introduce the CORE project. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to help with our mission and goals, please do not hesitate to contact us -  or call  360-332-7435 (leave message)

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