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OMB - Orchard Mason Bees & Alternative Pollinators

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H.R. 2692: Saving America’s Pollinators Act of 2013 - link

New Article - Rodale Institute (link)

Xerces Society - Are Neonicotinoids Killing Bees? (link)

List of Crops Pollinated by Honeybees (link)

Blaine CORE - Mason Bee Workshop Handout, overview, 6 pgs

Gardening for Bees - download (nice list of Western Plants)

25 Plants to Support Bee Population in your Yard (link) (great website with good information from Bee Friendly on the Northshore, Vancouver, BC)

Native Pollinators WSU, 4 pg. introduction -link to publication

How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee, 98 pgs, pdf  click here

Managing Alternative Pollinators, 160 pgs, pdf click here

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - SARE - Free Bulletins & On-Line Books   this is a link to publications, can download from there

Pollinators in Natural Areas, from Xerces Society, 8 pgs

VIDEO on Ground Nesting Bees from Xerces Society - link

Invertebrate Conservation Webinars from Xerces Society - link

Nests for Native Bees from www.xerces.org - 2 pg overview

Homemade Mason Bee Paper Liners, Randy Person, 5 pgs.

Slide Show - Cleaning Nest Tubes/Storage (Large -56Mb)) link

BOMB - Release Boxes for setting out Cocoons link (28 Mb)

 National Sustainable Argicultural Information Service - Pest Management

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  CROWN Pollinators or Portland Home Orchard Society



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