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OMB - Orchard Mason Bees & Alternative Pollinators

Blaine CORE - Mason Bee 101 Workshop Handout, overview, 6 pgs

List of Crops Pollinated by Honeybees (link)

Selecting Plants for Pollinators - link

WSU - List of Gardening Publications for Pollinators - link

Xerces Society - Are Neonicotinoids Killing Bees? link

USDA Fish & Wildlife - Threats to Pollinators - link

How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee, 98 pgs, pdf  click here

Managing Alternative Pollinators, 160 pgs, pdf click here

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - SARE - Free On-Line Books 

Pollinators in Natural Areas, from Xerces Society, 8 pgs - link

Tickle Bees: the Life & Times of Ground Nesting Bees (YouTube - 1 hr.) - link

Invertebrate Conservation Webinars from Xerces Society - link

Nests for Native Bees from www.xerces.org - 6 pg overview - link

Homemade Mason Bee Paper Liners, Randy Person, 5 pgs

Nature Based Solutions: A Win for Biodiversity & Climate - link

Bumblebee Nesting - Guidelines from Xerces.org - link

A full page of Bumblebee Resources - link

ORDER - Mason Bee Cocoons - Blaine CORE

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$20 for 35 cocoons


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