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City of Blaine

Northern Light (newspaper)

Blaine Community Garden


FOOD - Local

CSA - Baskets from Farms

CSA - Drayton Harbor Oysters

FIND local Foods - Sustainable Connections

For a listing of CSA Farms check out - Grow Northwest Magazine on-line

Master Gardeners Program - Public Workshops - 2016 Workshops


Garden Spot Nursery - link

Whatcom Folk School - link

Whatcom Community College - link

Community Food Co-op - link

Cloud Mountain Farm Center - link

WSU Garden Share Events - link

RESOURCES for information

Master Gardeners Program WSU

Community Gardens WSU

Gardening in Western WA Q&A

Master Gardeners Program - Whatcom

Master Composters Program -Whatcom

WSU Mt. Vernon Research Center

Children's Garden Program - Story Garden

     at Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale

Whatcom Conservation District

Whatcom Horticulture Society

Whatcom Native Plant Society

Birchwood Garden Club

Transition Lummi Island


Magazine - Grow Northwest

Growing Veterans - exists to provide a healthy transition opportunity for veterans



Cloud Mountain Farm Center (Everson)

deWilde's Nursery (Bellingham)

The Garden Spot (Bellingham)

Kent's Garden & Nursery (mid-county)

Vander Giessen Nursery (Lynden)

 Van Wingerden Gardens (Blaine)

Fourth Corner (Native plants, Wholesale)

Plantas Nativa (by appt. in Bellingham)

COUNTY LINKS for Volunteering/Resources

Whatcom Volunteer Center

Bellingham Food Bank

Health Support Center

Whatcom Food & Farm Finder



Cloud Mountain Farm   -   Classes  

(link to their site for more information)

6906 Goodwin Rd., Everson, WA 98247 or

call (360) 966-5859

Cloud Mountain Farm is a not-for profit learning center. Offering workshops to the general public and an intern orchardist program for those wishing to learn about fruit growing as a profession.

MORE AREA NURSERIES (not all retail)

Sunbreak Nursery

Forest Floor Farm

Namaste Gardens, Bow, WA

Tuxedo Garden

Cascadia Mushrooms

Wind Poppy Farm

Bear Creek - 733-1171
Garden at Padden Creek - 671-0484
Hi Hoe Nursery - 354-5143



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