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The Fruits of Labor - Sharing throughout our Community

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Summer of 2009, glean of hundreds of pounds of plums from Blaine resident . . . helped to provide fresh fruit to the Blaine Food Bank recipients.

Scroll down to find out how you can have your trees gleaned or volunteer to help harvest.

To have fruit harvested by Gleaning Program:

Please call Max Morange 360-739-5374 or download a Homeowner Glean Form by clicking here.  Please fill out and return via mail to Small Potatoes.

To Volunteer to help glean produce in Blaine:

Please contact Max Morange, Coordinator for Small Potatoes Gleaning Project. His email address is: glean@bellinghamfoodbank.org or you can call him at (360) 739-5274

You will need to provide him with your name, phone number and email address (if available).

Currently, we are seeking individuals who would be willing to be a

Blaine Glean Team Captain. If you are interested in helping to coordinate work parties to glean fruit or help scout trees, please contact Max.

All fruit harvested in Blaine will be offered to the Blaine Food Bank. If they are unavailable to receive produce or have overage for their use, harvested produce will be distributed to other Food Banks/Food Programs in the Whatcom County area, including but not limited to Blaine Senior Center and the Food Pantry in Birch Bay.


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