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Helping to Create Edible Yards in Blaine, Washington

Mission: To provide city wide enhancement and beautification on a multitude of levels by

planting food bearing trees, bushes and vines that offer food to residents of Blaine;

local wildlife food and shelter; soil enhancement and water retention.


Jan. 14, Wednesday, 4-6pm - Mason Bees - Alternative Pollinators            Kelle SunterJan. 17, Saturday, 11-1pm

Our bees are in trouble! This workshop will introduce you to native pollinators and how to identify and protect them in your yard. NOW is the time to ORDER Blue Orchard Mason Bees, so we will also discuss how to start a colony in your yard.


Jan. 28, Wednesday, 4-6pm Pruning Workshop -    George Kaas                             Jan. 31, Saturday, 11-1-pm

It's a great time to START pruning. We will discuss tools, why prune, decisions necessary (creating an understanding of tree/bush growth habits). Also, creative uses for clippings. We will also discuss overgrown older trees and how to begin getting them back in shape. GRAFTING 101- We will also discuss what is scionwood, harvesting, labeling and storage. Designing a custom fruit orchard!!




If you would like us to come and speak at a community activity or event to help inform your participants about the CORE project, please contact us.

    We have had several community meetings to introduce the CORE project. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to help with our mission and goals, please do not hestitate to contact us -  or call  360-332-7435

    For GLEANING (either volunteering to help pick fruit or having your fruit harvested), please click on "Gleaning" in the left column to go the that page in this website.


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