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Helping to Create Edible Yards in Blaine, Washington

Mission: To provide city wide enhancement and beautification on a multitude of levels by

planting food bearing trees, bushes and vines that offer food to residents of Blaine;

local wildlife food and shelter; soil enhancement and water retention.


 Note: NEW workshops are printed in red. Not near Blaine?

check out other class opportunities on our Resources page (see link to left)


Unless noted, all workshops are no charge and held at the Blaine Library in Blaine. Link



March 7 - Winter Field Day - WSU Ext. in Mt. Vernon

Title in blue is link for more information. They’ll have rootstock and scion wood sales, workshops on pruning and grafting, and Fruit Garden demonstrations on pruning. We hope to see you there!


March 11, Wednesday, 4-6pm –  Dahlias                                        Kelle Sunter

Come discover how easy it is to have beautiful flowers blooming in your yard from July through November! The dahlia is a natural choice for our NW climate and their long bloom time makes them VERY rewarding!! Thousands of different flower forms and colors are available.


March 14, Saturday, 11-1pm –  Seed Saving                                    Krista Rome

Krista is the founder of Backyard Beans & Grains and is working on the cutting edge of developing basic food source plant varieties that are well suited to our climate. Her decade of accumulated knowledge of growing, harvesting and saving seed (for eating or planting) is a phenomenal resource for our community. Come learn about why you want to use open pollinated seeds, seed swaps and how to get organized to save seeds from your garden.  Link to BB&G


March 21, Sat, 10am-1pm - Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop with Master Gardeners of Whatcom County, Deming Library, 5044 Mt. Baker Hwy. Take home two customized fruit trees for your garden! No cost to participate, however, YOU MUST REGISTER - Online at link  or call 360-305-3600.  Download Flyer here.


March 25, Wed, 4-6pm – Composting/Vermiculture   Mary Jensen, Carbon Master

Stop throwing away valuable soil building materials and start your compost project now! Whether you are thinking about a compost bin or becoming a Worm Wrangler, this workshop will get you started!! Mary will cover the basics of food waste recycling, how easy it is AND managing worms, indoors and out!


March 25, Wed. 6-8pm - RAIN BARREL WORKSHOP at Birch Bay Water & Sewer Dist. Office, 7096 Pt. Whitehorn Rd. Workshop limited to 20 families. You MUST register to participate. On-line at link or call Ingrid Enschede at Whatcom County Public Works 360-715-7450 ext. 50787      Download flyer here


March 28, Sat. 9:30-11:30am - RAIN BARREL WORKSHOP at Blaine Senior Center. Workshop limited to 20 families. YOU MUST REGISTER to participate.  On-line at link or call Ingrid Enschede at Whatcom County Public Works 360-715-7450 ext. 50787 Download flyer here


March 28, Saturday, 11-1pm    Starting Your Vegetable Garden     George Kaas

This workshop will concentrate on how to get started growing your own vegetables.  Included will be discussion on planting the right plant in the right place, plotting one's garden sun patterns, soil testing, reasons and seasons for mulching, and composting. 


April 8, Wed, 4-6pm   Container Gardening          Ginny Winfield, Master Gardener

Think that you MUST have a plot of land to grow vegetables? or maybe mobility issues have slowed you down. If you think you have to give up on gardening, think again! Join us for an “out of the ground and into the box” introduction to container gardening. From choosing containers and the right plants to learning how to water them.



March 28, Sat. 9am-2pm      Whatcom Conservation District Native Plant Sale -link

The purpose of the WCD’s annual plant sale is to promote the stewardship and conservation of our natural resources. The plants are “conservation grade”, which means they are graded on their ability to survive, not on their ornamental value. Seedling plants are not large (generally between 10” and 24” tall). We have bags and packing materials available at the sale, or feel free to bring your own.

Native trees and shrubs can provide many benefits to your property and the environment such as improved water quality, enhanced fish and wildlife habitat, reduction of wind and soil erosion, cleaner air, reduction of energy costs, and beautification of your property! Experienced conservationists will be available to answer your native plant questions.


July 11&12, 11am-5pm            WHS 29th Annual - Tour of Private Gardens

This annual event allows private individuals to see inside 6-8 beautiful private gardens in Whatcom County. Tickets available online or at Garden #1. Please visit Whatcom Horticultural Society site.



If you would like us to come and speak at a community activity or event to help inform your participants about the CORE project, please contact us.

    We have had several community meetings to introduce the CORE project. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to help with our mission and goals, please do not hestitate to contact us -  or call  360-332-7435

    For GLEANING (either volunteering to help pick fruit or having your fruit harvested), please click on "Gleaning" in the left column to go the that page in this website.


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